27th IACAPAP Congress 2026 | 1- 4 July 2026 | CCH Hamburg


until IACAPAP 2026 opens its doors!

Welcome to IACAPAP 2026

Dear IACAPAP colleagues and friends,

It is our pleasure to welcome you all to our 2026 congress that will take place in Hamburg, Germany.

IACAPAP was in Germany 20 years ago in Berlin! It was a memorable event, one of the most well attended congresses in IACAPAP history. No doubts that the success this time will be even greater.

The central theme of the meeting is extremely relevant since we need to discuss evidence-based interventions in CAMH that can be quickly translated to services in the context of implementation science.

We are sure this meeting will be again an invaluable opportunity for learning, exchange knowledge and experiences, find old and make new friends. The beauty and hospitality of Hamburg will make the experience unforgettable.

Join us at the most comprehensive event on CAMH worldwide!




Luis Augusto Rohde
President IACAPAP



Tobias Banaschewski
Conference Chair